• F&Q

    Q : What is a Cindela Wedding Planner and why shall I hire Cindela Wedding ?


    A : A Cindela Wedding planner is the Vancouver based wedding expert who is resourceful, organized, and detail-oriented; we also serve as your creative partner – not just overseeing logistical matters – but also providing a wealth of ideas, insights, opinions, and more! Cindela’s wedding planner will save you considerable stress and time during the planning process and especially on the actual day of your wedding!

    • Cindela Wedding ensures that you remain within the budget, manage your accounts and due payments
    • Cindela Wedding will also negotiate to get the best possible deals and prices from vendors through our insider knowledge

    Q : What area does Cindela Wedding serve?


    A : Cindela Wedding Experts love to travel, but we primarily serve the Greater Vancouver area (Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, New Westminster and north Surrey). We will try our best to accommodate your need, so feel free to contact us via contact@cindelawedding.ca, we would not say no to the Caribbean or Mexico!

    Q : Can I afford a wedding planner?


    A : The real question comes back to can you afford not to have a wedding planner? Cindela’s Wedding Planner not only saves you time but also a lot of money! We listened to what you want and need to make your wedding day a success, and we always provide various options that are right for you!


    We also work with lots of vendors in Vancouver who would like to continue that relationship… so they give our customers great deals!